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Lago di Garda

The town of Desenzano del Garda itself is scenic, relaxed, and with a tourist atmosphere that is somehow different from Italian magnet-areas farther south. And there are several fascinating little burgs within bus or train or bike or boat(!) range. that add even more interest for us.

Seven days

Sirmione (a street here displaying its purple grandeur) is an example. Here are vineyards to explore, maybe on rented bikes, with wines to taste. All these riches are a short bike- or boat-ride (or a long walk) from our place for the week.

Sheltered by Dolomite cliffs, a fresh-water pebble strewn  beach and a stone castle not far awaywhat else could one ask?

Since traveling from here to the south of France is a punishing number of hours by rail; we will pause to rest a few days in

And this video from 2006 shows a town in the area of our apartment. Our apartment is near plazas like this with umbrella-ed tables and, maybe, a new Karaoke guy holding forth.

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