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Tapping right hand's fingers

According to the countdown timer (bottom of webpages), it's 63 days until that Monday noontime, when we finally click the suitcases shut, open and reexamine our IDs and carry-on items. Wait for Jonathan to arrive with transport and (even more important for us) bringing his smiles and assurances of supporting prayer during this kinda lengthy adventure.

I hope you will track with us here, as those away-days begin to pass, carrying us with them. My hope is to make word-pictures here to accompany selected photos of wonderful things, as we discover them. You see, a great part of my motivation for doing this online stuff (or trying to do it) has been to bring along people that we love, whose faces we wish were next to ours, whose reactions and countenance would enrich each of these days exploring yonder. Let's see how this photo behaves:

There's no direct connection to the upcoming trip (except her love of the beach has only grown since this scene near the Hotel Del).

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