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Practical or preposterous

I have begun purchasing our tickets for rail travel, connecting AirBnB rentals with one another. It's a fairly worthwhile pursuit, all in all. The prices are amazing: Rome to nearly Austria, ~$135 for both of us, reserved business class on the Frecciarosa (high speed, smooth, ultra modern trainset). Both Eric and Michele on the same ticket, amazing. Includes trip insurance as well, whoa. And there's no paper involved: all on your smartphone, even the check-in process. Your data plan needs to be Unlimited, of course. Praiseworthy practicality, if a little obsessive.

And this, we plan to have coffee on our travels. Good coffee. Which translates to making espresso-Americano cuppas in our rooms (well, except for our Celebrity cruise, which takes a dim view of high-demand electrical devices being used in passenger cabins). But that gadgetry is another tale, for another day. The thing is, this is a detail whose pursuit keeps me from loitering around the website's countdown timer, wishing there were some way for me to hustle its imperious little self along - but of course it must move to slo-mo on the afternoon of August 26th. So this is the preposterous sort of detail now being addressed here. Sure, there'll be other nits to fuss with, but surely nothing so fun as planning and testing my coffee-craft.

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