• James Eric Fristad

Please, again

This isn't as perfect as I'd have like to post, but 'twill serve to suggest our last full week in & around the Cinque Terre come next May. Probably, maybe, we hope against hope.

Because it's now time to call our travel agent and see about getting our air reservations swapped for ones that really will take us where we need to go, and when. So Lufthansa won't be carting us off from Boise to Palermo after all, but we hope from Rome back to Seattle. Some seven months after the original (where we have seats reserved) dates.

And if it turns out that the EU nations continue not to want any part of American bodies in their countries by the time the adventure is scheduled to begin, then we likely will forfeit those airfare dollars. Completely. Because one of the clearly-writ exclusions in travel-insurance, is "pandemic" caused changes.

Meanwhile in a gesture of optimism, tomorrow I take my passport/new photo/completed renewal form/check for $110 made out to the US Department of State, to the Post Office to send in, in pursuit of a freshly issued one.

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