• James Eric Fristad

On that train. Again. Probably

The title says much of what is happening now, underscored by the looping (loopy?) video. It's a train we really would like to be getting onto, from time to time, this coming spring. So there is the familiar scene of the tracks (binarii) headed up the coast towards Genoa; but we surely wouldn't go that far. To Sestri Levante is plenty. Which I would like to do on a Sunday morning, and this time with a picnic lunch, to join other hikers in pursuit of a pleasant weekend outing along the hillside overlooking the smaller harbor. We'd be in good company, up there among the pines and cork-oaks and granite boulders. I'd say median age is 50, with a number of groups our vintage and more. All vigorous, all enjoying one another's company as it seems only Italians can.

The thing is, we really, REALLY want that squeaking, semi-comfortable train to actually leave the station. With us aboard. And I keep tying knots in those loose loops of planning-string that I keep discovering; taking care of details; trying to imagine the completed artifact of our Supertrip. Tickets are now purchased for the westbound (Lufthansa) flight from Rome, and comfy seats reserved. No refund yet on the eastbound Palermo flight I cancelled which, in addition to the extra payment I have to make to clear this Visa bill, is unnerving. We shall see.

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