• James Eric Fristad

Nigh the Cupola

And I don't mean nigh to your ordinary corner cupola - it's THIS one in the nice city of Nice Ville (awfully playful/ goofy this morning, aren't we?) along the southern coast of France.

It is a five-star place, according to Wikipedia, begun in 1912 by a foreign chap who westernized his name, changing the final -u (unmistakably Romanian) to -o. Anyway the plan is for us to be here overnight, on our way from Spain near Barcelona to Trieste, which is along the northernmost edge of Italy. The cars you see in front of the hotel are wheeling along the boulevard which separates such high-ticket rooms as the Negresco offers, from the endless columns and rows of matching chaise-lounges that line the (miles of) beach. To me the place sounds very tony indeed.

The view from our apartment's window, looking towards said beach:

Even though our fifth (or so) floor AirBnB rooms are closer to the lesser-status end of this grand old belle epoque structure, it will be an adventure just to traverse those elegant salons on our humble path to the elevators.

We don't expect really to be able to experience Nice Ville as we'd like, having just a few daylight hours here after navigating down the roads from Nice's central train station, and even fewer hours the next morning before trundling back up those same rues to clamber on-board the eastbound local run to Ventimiglia, on the French/Italian border. But I hope we can capture worthy memories during the actual Nice moments. I have shared this little video before, but still it has grabbed much of the feeling that descends upon one hereabouts, so please bear with my nostalgia. The audio is pleasant.

Meanwhile real angst multiplies then ebbs again, here, about international regulations and testing. Plenty of grist, if you are a committed night owl. I am not.

Another time for that, however, another screed....

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