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Updated: Jun 28

Is it the Muppet Movie where we find Kermit the Frog stuffed with several friends in a jalopy, singing this title's rollicking refrain as they careen along some middle-American highway? I think so. A light hearted treatment of a thing that I think we all simply assume—that moving our bodies easily is a thing guaranteed to us throughout our three-score and ten. Or twenty, or thirty if we are so blessed.

This installment is not meant to be a downer, so much as an acknowledgement of issues we face as our physical envelopes become a little thinner, the pages inside jostling around in there as we never thought possible.

I think I've written about it among these sharing installments, that the upcoming semi-super-trip will be likely the last for us (see SWAN SONG illustration below). So in that respect I find myself deliberately refusing to be impatient for October's departure to get here. Because when I/we have gone and done and made memories then and well into November, it will be over. It isn't as bad as all that, in that I will have the photos and videos and audio snatches to play with and use to construct a sharing-artifact, but still. I have gotten into the habit of reveling in planning and envisioning and, in brief, anticipating. And that piece of the pie will have gone away.

The website's footer has been fussed with right up to the edge of being over-cutesy. Swan song indeed (thank you, Mr Al Jolson for your memorable treatment of that Gershwin song).

For the present, the list of surprise medical needs presses in on us more than we could have imagined. Michele is gathering a cadre of medical specialists whom we hope will point to happy answers, soon. Well, we can hope.

Likewise I have a couple of issues, the more important one being underway and the more bothersome one (replacement of right shoulder joint) put off until after my return: time needed for healing and recovering strength. Feeling bracketed indeed.

It's funny the things you remember most happily, from these kinds of travels. We saw some grand scenes indeed, roaming from our base-digs in Antibes. Incredible coastlines, dream mansions (probably kept by oligarchs when they feel like slumming for a few days), the Mediterranean stretching from our feet clear up to the horizon. But it's moments like this (below) that truly imprint for me. A cool glass of a local wine, some impossibly good bread, hand-made.

In an ordinary courtyard a few minutes before tucking into a pleasant though not outstanding meal. You see, it wasn't the place or features, as such, that define my smile right now...

It was getting to do it.

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