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More moving maps, maybe

Brother, alliteration again. Which can be clever but soon dissolves into the aggravation of being cutesy. Maybe the sound on this one will help to set it apart?

The main difference, though, between this version and the last, is cities and moving route-lines have changed. Important to us at any rate, in our going. Also it suggests an interesting aside from me about the processing of all this stuff.

A large feature of the whole sojourn is the cruise, of course. The return voyage of 14 days is the longest we'll be in one place (even though that place is gliding from place to place); every other reservation is for three to seven days. The thing is, we have to get over there, and the "there" needs to begin as close as possible to Barcelona.

The previous incarnation of our plan had us cruising from Florida to Barcelona, then working our way more or less southeast along the Mediterranean before flying Lufthansa back from Rome. You cannot just buy a one-way ticket for half the cost of round trip, you know. It can cost more than the round trip version, and often does. But travel agents know the incantation and have the contacts/brokers at their fingertips. Ours did, and so we ended up with Lufthansa from Rome to Frankfurt to Seattle. Premium economy (legroom for Eric) for I think $1800 for us both. Good, except it became meaningless when Holland America cancelled our Westerdam route because of genuine Covid fears. Sigh.

We put everything off, therefore, for another half-year. Swapping directions and more or less inverting the order of places we meant to visit, and making my website reflect that, has been an interesting exercise. Flexible is good at any age, right?

So getting from Boise to Barcelona (only placename alliteration, I promise) meant having to wait on Lufthansa's reluctant refund policy and reinvesting that dinero in a new route towards the east. But. Wait, we have frequent flyer miles with Alaska. Not a ton of them, but enough it would seem. I searched their site for a one-way fare using miles only, to Barcelona. Aha, yes. Made the commitment, paid the small details-charge for BOI to LAX to Philadelphia to Barcelona... that's the route of the map I posted earlier. ...And then went to add Michele. Could not do! That was the only seat available on that flight a good ten months away. What you have to do, you see, is search for two people, whether you have that many miles for a single purchase or not (each of us needed to use our respective miles, which meant going through the electronic maze twice). The good news is I did find such a flight; the stretching news, is it was two days earlier than we'd planned to leave. Meaning an extra day in Barcelona and a seventh day in Carcassonne. "Oh, Eric, the pain of it." So here it is. British Airways for the long-haul from Seattle and the need to hang around Heathrow, one of my personal worst airports, for awhile. Total cost for us about $500. Which economy I can deal with until Lufthansa decides to cough up our now-unmerited funds.

And Kathy, you will notice this map has music?

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