• James Eric Fristad

Maps moving

This website — I thought it was finished, as of last week. But then I realized I was not able really to see it through the eyes of a visitor. Not really. Discovered that my words and photos may resonate so loudly in the accustomed acoustic makeup where they originate (in my own head) that their effectiveness may fail within an audition studio whose dimensions are unique. What speaks clearly to me may leave you confused.

One of the several lacks, it seemed to me, was connective tissue for the physical places. The tendons that link one location to the next. Not just words to describe or put a name on a map, but a visual cue. Enter Adobe After Effects and enough leisure time to play with it. So now each page has its own animated map, more or less accurate. North is up, South is down, et cetera. And there's a button to click, right there, to whisk you along to the next event. The sample above takes us all by a non-straight line, from our local airport to Barcelona in the far northeast corner of España.

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