• James Eric Fristad

Images from another time

This portico looks out and down at scattered sandstone boulders being washed continually by surging waves. Not a heavy surf during our autumn ~2013 visit, though capable of fury in winter months. In October it's more a surging restlessness. Beautiful, the scene would remind you of Carmel along the central California coast. Except one cannot gaze upon that water through an 800 year old church window.

The place is Portovenere, a tony outlier of La Spezia which is the city at the southernmost terminus of your Cinque Terre railpass. I want to trek by foot to this area, from our mid-adventure week's rental there in La Spezia. Hoping photos and video captures will be better, because I have better equipment now and more experience.

And no, I don't know the pretty girl here.

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