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I spy with my little eye...

TWEAK, NUDGE… okay, now save and make a PDF and print a copy on paper for Michele. Who just may not notice that tiny difference that it has taken me 53 do-overs to locate. Here is a deliberately fuzzy version of the thing I’m talking about.***

And yeah, this is Eric-the-right-brained, untidy in so many noticeable ways, suddenly making all these little picky adjustments—in content, in location on the calendar, and more often than not in readability (what colors on what background).  In defense of this odd and out of character behavior that keeps happening: it’s self defense. Not unlike taking a large ball of sturdy, bright yarn into an unknown wilderness as you pick your way along uncharted pathways. Yes, you desperately want to explore, but also you want to be able to return, alive, in time for dinner. That same day. And with that analogy, the question: where have I been so far and what have I addressed in that intimate but not yet experienced forty-five days?

"Um, um, um, let’s see… Oops. Dang, there’s another omission."


Some of the update stuff is added detail, such as newly-reserved excursions, and when they leave and where, much is lack of clarity in how it’s presented on the page; or discovering the date I filled in is not available—yet another Homer Simpson “Doh” moment.

***FWIW it is possible to view the whole thing on the website, clear as can be, if you click the (disguised) button. Let me know if you’d like to peek there as all this develops.

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