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Counting, Still Avidly Counting

Yesterday I checked out the actual benefits of an add-on I bought with my final batch of Rail-Italia tickets. One of its perks was permission to access a pleasant lounge upstairs (right above track 25, if you're interested in wandering in). Offers a place to park your luggage, have an espresso and semi-sweet roll to nosh, maybe later sip a plastic glassful of some sort of wine while ensconced in a comfy-looking chair. Maybe go out then for a city walkabout, then return for more enjoyment of this psychological parking space.

Except. Except it's priced at the upper edge of my sense of value-in-Euros. Alternatively we can take a taxi from Stazione Termini to our apartment (after phoning) and park our bags inside before heading out to pass a couple of hours in the sweet Domus Auria parkland nearby. Likely have a light lunch with an interesting street view and better wine.... All for fewer centimes than just one of us would spend to loaf in that Ikea-themed room in train land.

Now, let me think.

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