• James Eric Fristad

... and now

As I think I expected, the other shoe has dropped regarding our plans for October -- and its clunk was less fun to hear, than some. The main noticeable downside is our counter gadget at the bottom of each page, has switched from I think 163 days to about 320 days until we leave. Brother.

The good news is most everything was able to be moved. We're going to Europe via Holland America and returning via Lufthansa, rather than the reverse. Visiting Barcelona then Girona, then by rail to Avignon in France (Provence). More rail travel to the Cinque Terre region of the Italian coast, then Rome briefly before the return bunch o' hours flying back to Seattle. Whew.

Anyhooooo, please re-examine the website for changes; let me know of any gross mistakes you may find. The photo accompanying is the harbor at La Spezia, not far from our apartment for that week. Sigh.

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