• James Eric Fristad

Ah ha!

It appears the workaday civil servants at the US Department of State are continuing to do the mechanics of passport renewal. Which one suspects to be true in theory, but it's grand when the results show up in the mail. In MY mailbox, woo-hoo!

We are packing and discussing and list-making (in no particular order, so of course we find ourselves revisiting each of those phases again and again). For a four-night visit to San Diego.

Warm anticipation is building; partly for the enjoyment of the place of Michele's earlier years, and partly for some real face-to-face visits with several dear friends -- euphemism for masks and one-fathom distancing, to be sure, but still. And, importantly, its a bit of a shakedown venture before April. Without needing passports and with minimal (one hopes) language barriers. And needing some imagination to pretend Trader Joe's in Liberty Station is a just like some Spanish or French farmer's market. Hahaha.

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