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A Risky Season...

Updated: May 27

...emotionally for me, oddly enough, is that stretch of time when I give myself intensely to anticipating a fresh adventure variation. Inevitably those little imagined glimpses of what might be, become technicolor features accompanied by a Dolby sound track, as the intervening days tick away.


Risky, as I say, because it may, once more, all become dust. So, is that a caveat to myself? And to you as well, Gentle Reader—a caution not to expect too much, because we've been down this path before? (I had to use that sort-of affectionate G.R. designation, partly because I love archaisms... think an editor's solicitous remarks between episodic fiction in a British Woman's World issue circa 1890.)

After that disclaimer, of course all is steaming ahead. Reservations are all made for lodgings, excursions planned, neighborhoods explored courtesy of Google Earth. If you should visit the homepage of the une-fois-encore.com website, there exists (hidden only in that it doesn’t look like any other button on the page) a clickable item which connects to more information about this trip, than anybody but us would care to know.

"Huh? C'mon, click on what?"

Should the casual peruser find and click on it, voila! a spreadsheet of Plan S with probably more than you ever wanted to know about that several weeks of adventure lurking out there. That detailed calendar may be pinch/enlarged of you are curious about such degree of minutiae. It helps me, at any rate, keep track of things. Ecco.

The mysterious calendar would show, for instance, that on the third or so week the weekdays are preposterously tall. Which is because those days must display an unwieldy freight of information. The "attic" part of each day shows where I need/get to be on those days of that week; the "basement" or lower part shows where Michele needs to be during HER part of that week—separate but complementary we trust. You see why we need to have this stuff written out for our own ready reference. The plan is to have her join me in Avignon about the middle of week three of this away-time: nice to actually make the connection at the coordinated time and location, on the same day. Else catastrophic.

Thus we'll be able to finish some time together in France, a little in Catalunya (the Barcelona part of it) before stepping onto the Holland America ship bound for Florida.

After all this, please ask me if you care to know how to locate the actual page that's chock-full of details: the calendar/spreadsheet.

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