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Seven days

Considering the size of it, Nice is a quite endearing city along the French Riviera. I've enjoyed kids crossing the street after school, uniforms still relatively neat after days spent playing soccer or maybe jumprope, and learning a foreign language (English perhaps); off-duty cops or firemen playing Petanc in a vacant lot; a kvetching barista's excellent Americano presented in the ever-present white china ILLY cup. People-watching people at outdoor bistro tables occasionally sipping on that goblet of white wine. There's a difference between being mellow and the habit of slothfulness—these citizens are clearly of the former persuasion.


Notable from its surface (a broad expanse stretching to Nice airport), the ​Promenade des Anglais skirts the main beach here. There are pay-per-umbrella-and-chaises parts and absolutely free parts. A place to relax even more.


With 15th century Spanish cannon balls falling in the town, how comforting to go about your town business scurrying along this Rue obscura.

Villefranche 3.jpg
Villefranche 2.jpg

Or ride the train (or walk an hour or so) over the hill to the east, to the wonderful little town of ​Villefranche-sur-mer which is smaller and also more laid back.

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