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They're Going Again!

Girona Eiffel Bridge.jpg


Three days

​This is a suburb of Barcelona:  really just an hour's train ride to the northeast. It strikes me as more of an arty town proud of the layers of history its buildings and streets and alleyways have survived through the centuries. Its old Jewish quarter neighborhood, at the very least, is one strong reason to spend meaningful time here. The major pedestrian bridge, above, was designed by Gustav Eiffel (designer of the "temporary" tower erected in Paris in 1889).

Girona Onyar River.jpg

Girona's ​Medieval character is intact enough, in fact, that HBO's Game of Thrones found many of its settings in the region. It's all so well maintained, though, it seems, as though everything is awaiting the next movie series. Even monasteries (right) nearby manage to hold onto their age very well.


A tour from Barcelona in 2022, yielded this video of the Onyar River, which neatly bisects the town: old to the north, more modern to the south.

One talks about back streets in a longing kind of voice; but in many ways Girona itself is a hodgepodge of back streets. Whose stairways and stone walls have apartments to rent. And there was one coffee shop ....

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